About Human Security Service Section

Our Features

More than 30 years in the market.

Supply of multinational security guards (Men & Women)

Provision of well experienced & disciplined Security Personnel

Technically skilled and professional staff

24/7 round the clock operation room

Timely performance.

Provide services all over the state of Kuwait.

Ongoing secured/safety and professional training.

Well experienced, insured/bonded staff services.

Quick Response Team to respond to any emergency 24/7.

Preemployment screening of security personnel

Professional conduct

Quick/emergency response team

Adhoc requirements

Monitor and operate the CCTV, recorders, intrusion alarms, fire alarms, and security radio net, guard monitoring system and other security or safety equipment.

Prepare and maintain incident reports for events identified.

Flexible scope of work

Monitoring of patrolling supervisors.


AlRaed has an extensive established network of resources and infrastructure to support project objectives. This includes a pool of 3000 personnel available to match client contract requirements. Equipment and vehicles are provided through contractual guidelines.


We shall assure through a Quality Assurance Program that all personnel assigned to our firm are proficient in the contract requirements. The Company shall take corrective and, as necessary, disciplinary action against those senior guards who are not performing their duties. Patrolling supervisor who may in charge of less than 20 locations in an area will visit each location at least once in a day. The duty of the patrolling supervisor is to evaluate the quality of security service in each location.


Committed to take every reasonable effort to eliminate the hazards cause accidents and injuries, prevent the accidental loss of any of its recourses, personnel’s and physical assets. Eliminate health hazards at the source whenever possible. Identify potential problems. Identify deficiencies in equipment and /or machinery.


A training program is being developed in accordance with best practices and guidelines as set forth by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) for physical security officers. Integration of multicultural people and backgrounds is key component to avoiding misunderstanding and miscommunication.


Hand held radio (walkie talkie), Hand held metal detectors (HHMD), Walk through metal detectors, CCTV Camera, IP Zoom Camera

New model patrolling vehicles with / without drivers.

Vehicle under search mirror, whistle, security vests,

security shoes, safety helmets, traffic cones and all other safety related equipment’s